Supper’s ready!

Here are some edibles from our own garden. We just started a vegetable garden this year, as you may have seen on our previous blog posts, and we are very pleasantly surprised with the harvest 🙂

3-year anniversary!

We can’t believe that we live here for three years already! We consider ourselves very blessed to call this magical and beautiful place our home, our safe haven. I was just looking at the very first pictures I took from our garden. Here you can see a little comparison: As you can see, a lot…

Summer fruit and flowers

We have so many beautiful flowers since our last update and lots of ripe and almost-ripe fruit! Here are our gorgeous roses in many different colors and scents: This beauty is a Lagerstroemia indica Mimie Fuchsia. Hibiscus, one of my favorites! Our peaches are almost ripe! Lots of blackberries! Delicious plums! We have many varieties…

Garden Tour July

This is how our garden looks this month! Everything has grown so much and we have so many beautiful flowers and delicious fruit 🙂 Enjoy!

Garden Tour June

At last we have made another garden tour video! You sometimes can’t hear what I’m saying because it was quite windy! 🙂 Enjoy!

Food forest

Tijs has been busy all week, transplanting some of our fruit trees that didn’t get enough sunlight. We planted them more in the center of the garden, where the sun will shine on them throughout most of the day. We are planning to plant many more fruit trees and berry shrubs on our hill, so…

It’s officially Spring!

It really is amazing, the first thing we do in the morning is a garden tour and check our flowers, plants and trees for new growth. We see a change every day, all the trees have fully woken up from their deep winter slumber now. Tijs got this wheel from his grandparents. It was part…

First flowers and fresh paint

We painted the old gate, long overdue but it looks like new now! Our lilies and irises are growing rapidly! Kato absolutely loves this little herb garden. He just lays flat on his little tummy, watching little critters like beetles and salamanders for hours. And some new growth up close!