In Full Bloom

We seem to have skipped the Spring and are enjoying an early Summer! The grass has been growing very rapidly, and the trees are growing very nicely as well. We really love the blossom on our fruit trees, so pretty! We made a little path in our front garden, I think it’s very romantic 🙂…

Luscious Green

It’s been a little over a week since we sowed our grass seeds. We water them every day and treat them with care. Okay, Milla and Kato not so much! And we are very proud parents of cute baby grass! Little blades of grass are popping up everywhere, it’s growing so fast! We see a…

Almost in business!

We were working very hard on setting up our business the past few weeks, and with the help of our Hungarian friends, we are very close now! We are still waiting for some paperwork, but our business “SoulFlame” is opening soon! We will be selling our own products very soon. Tijs will publish his first…

Walking through invisible flowers

It was a beautiful day and we made a little path in the garden. We want to plant flowers along the side in the Spring. So with a little bit of imagination, you can smell the flowers already 🙂

Snuggling up inside

It’s very cold and misty outside. Tijs snapped these pictures this morning of the “Misty Mountains”! Milla and Kato were very cold as well, so we wrapped them in blankets. Can you find Milla? 🙂 It’s so warm and cozy when the fireplace is lit!

Winter Wonderland

There was a lot of snow, these past few days! We woke up and everything was white. I love how it looks and everything is so serene and peaceful. It’s very cold, so we don’t go outside much. Milla and Kato on the other hand really love to play in the snow and leave cute…

Happy 2018!

We want to wish everyone a happy 2018! We hope it will be a great year for all of you 🙂 2017 has been a great year for us. Looking back I can’t believe all the things we accomplished in a year. Just a year ago, we were still looking for a place to live….