Food forest


Tijs has been busy all week, transplanting some of our fruit trees that didn’t get enough sunlight. We planted them more in the center of the garden, where the sun will shine on them throughout most of the day. We are planning to plant many more fruit trees and berry shrubs on our hill, so we have a big food forest! And next year, we’ll also start growing our own vegetables.

Plum tree
Some of our old apple trees have a lot of damage of ants and a woodpecker. This one also had a strong new branch, we sawed the main tree trunk off, so the branch can grow stronger. Looks like we have a brand new young apple tree!

Tijs’ father – who studied gardening, told us that we can transplant some of our lilies now. We found the perfect spot!

We still miss our Kato dearly. We often look at his grave, share pleasant memories and cry on each other’s shoulder. We had the great idea to plant flower succulents by his grave. We had a lot of them by our pond. These are green all year round, so he’ll always have flowers on his grave now! And they are very pretty, too!

At night, with the little light on

We visited our Hungarian parents – the previous owners of our house 🙂 – some time ago and we were so envious of their beautiful tall grass.
“You can have it!”, they said. So earlier this week, they surprised us with the grass, we really love it! It’s so exotic-looking.

And I’ll end this week’s update again with some pictures of our beautiful garden. We have been really lucky with the weather. I was wearing a summer dress and it’s almost November! That probably means that Old Man Winter will be tough on us this year, but I don’t mind. I love all the seasons! More reason to snuggle up under a big, warm blanket by the fireplace!


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