Snow, Belgium and travels

We went to Belgium this holiday season! It was wonderful to spend the season of love with our friends and family.

Because we are unable to travel by plane with Milla and Kato and we don’t have a driver’s license, we are dependent on other drivers who travel from Hungary to Belgium and back.

The last time we went to Belgium, we had a lot of trouble to find a suitable driver. So this time, we wanted to be more prepared. We started looking for people early on and found a very friendly lady. She even picked us up right in front of our gate, because she didn’t want us to go through too much trouble because of the snow. So sweet of her 🙂

The garden, on the day of our departure.

The trip to Belgium went smoothly, thanks to Lucy and her little Diva!

Once there, Tijs’ grandmother was so sweet again to give us a place to stay. We spent most nights in her guestroom and also spent a few nights at my mother’s place. We spent Christmas time at my mom’s house as well, we went there one day early and helped her prepare all the food. We made a vegan casserole with fresh winter vegetables. It was soooo delicious!

My mom’s beautiful Christmas tree!

We spent New Year’s at our friends’ place with Tijs’ brother and niece. Linda is a great cook and made delicious vegan food for us 🙂

On the 9th of January, we traveled back to Hungary. It was a lot colder than when we left. It even only was 1°C in our house! We have lit the fireplace every day since we’re back and thankfully, it’s a lot warmer now 🙂

As much as we love our family and friends, we are happy to be back home, in the stillness of nature.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well and we wish you all the best for 2019!


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  1. Lucy dirksen says:

    You were very welcome to travel with me and diva. I liked you and your dogs. Maby we Will travel together another time.
    Greetings lucy and hugs from diva


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