The Magic of the Season

We are really lucky to have such great weather still at this time of the year! We love Autumn, the colors are so beautiful and the air is so clean and pure. The trees are preparing themselves for Winter after a long season of sunshine. It is getting dark earlier and earlier, as days are getting shorter and nature is forcing us to take a break. We are reaping the seeds of what we have sown, feeling blessed and lucky every time we sit back and look at our beautiful garden.


We planted some more flowers, plants and trees. We extended our hedge, so we’ll have more privacy during Summer. The flower pots are puppy-security. They can act pretty wild and crazy in the garden, so we put them there to prevent Milla and Kato from killing our new hedge.


We also planted some gorgeous Japanese cherry trees. These won’t bear any fruit, but the blossom in Spring will be spectacular. This one is a weeping cherry tree, one of the prettiest trees I have ever seen!


Next, we have some smaller flowers and shrubs which will add a romantic feeling to the garden.


And, of course, we planted some more fruit trees. We have a new pink nectarine tree, two pear trees and a plum tree.

We planted our berry plants close to the forest and added a bedding of mulch. This will also help protect them against the winter.

We are still harvesting strawberries, thanks to the generous weather, and they taste so sweet and juicy!

The temperature will drop drastically next week, so by then we want to protect the garden for the upcoming frost.



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