We’re back!


We are getting married here in Hungary soon – hopefully by October! – and we went to Belgium to celebrate our marriage early, in my mother’s beautiful garden, surrounded by our loved ones.


So we will have two wedding dates, our Belgian wedding, which was on the 29th of July, and our Hungarian wedding, which will be somewhere in Autumn. Both these dates are equally important to us, the wedding in Belgium was perfect, just how we have always imagined it. And our Hungarian marriage will be special too, because it will be official and we’ll get married in our beautiful garden.

So you are probably wondering why we haven’t updated our site in more than a month. The reason why is that we have been stuck in Belgium for a month. The people that were supposed to bring us back to Hungary never showed up so we had to search the internet for another driver. It took us until the end of August to finally get back.
I’ll never doubt the powers of Mercury Retrograde ever again…
So we finally found a nice Hungarian guy that was able to drive us back.

When we arrived at 3 o’clock in the morning, our lawn had grown so much that it reached our knees!


We already worked a lot in the garden since we’re back, mowing the lawn, trying to rescue withered plants and making mulch for our berry garden. But more on that next week! 🙂


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