Pears, fence and flowers


We have just harvested our first pears of the year! They may be small, but they are so delicious, sweet and juicy. I really can’t stop snacking on them, they are AMAZING! I wish I could let you taste them through the screen.




We also placed a fence around our garden, because strangers keep on coming into our garden. We found some plastic wrappers and torn clothes. We were worried that they might harm the baby trees and our very tiny raspberry plant.



Tijs and I have spent some hours already on planting the poles and attaching the fence. It’s fun to work with him, despite the annoying thing turning in every direction and tearing our flesh.

Some bees have made a home out of our attic, and we had to remove them before it became an invasion. Tijs borrowed a suit from some very friendly people that we got to know here in the village. He is a beekeeper and luckily had a spare suit. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Tijs in his suit. He looks like he is on his way to the Milky Way!


And here is a picture of the nests that Tijs removed.


I will end this week’s blog with our gorgeous flowers. Again, I wished I would be able to share the sweet smell of these flowers. They smell so sweet and fragrant.




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