Very big garden update!


I know, I know, I have been bad about updating this blog. To reward your patience, this blog will be loaded with pictures and even videos!

We haven’t been lazying around these past few weeks. We installed three arches for our kiwi vines and other creepers.



And this beautiful pergola will soon be the home of many varieties of beautiful climbers!


Our baby fruit trees are doing so well, you can almost see them grow! The persimmon trees are starting to show off some green now as well. We are really looking forward to picking their delicious fruit in a couple of years.


Milla and Kato have gotten another shave, just in time for Summer! It has been crazy hot here in Hungary. The sun is literally baking, just like they say here in Hungarian “süt a nap”, which means “the day is baking”.

And here are the promised videos of our garden. Enjoy!

Garden Tour part one

Garden Tour part two

Garden Tour part three


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