Birds, dogs and sunrays

It was very warm this past week! We enjoyed a lot of sun and temperatures as high as 17°C! The air smells like flowers and we spent a lot of time outside again.


We took advantage of the nice weather to shave Milla and Kato. Milla is finished, but Kato really hates being shaved. So now he is running around with a hairy butt and 3 hairy paws! It’s really funny! We’ll shave the rest of him tomorrow.



We also installed their doggy door, which makes it easy for them to run outside and come back inside whenever they feel like it. Kato, the curious and smart guy that he is, figured it out quickly. Milla, on the other hand, didn’t like it at first. It’s so loud, slaps her butt on her way out and she was making a big fuss about it. But when she heard a dog bark in the distance, off she went!


Tijs also built a bird feeder out of some wood that we still had laying around from the chicken run. I think it’s really cute and we saw some birds eat from it already.



We will enjoy these last hours of lovely weather, because according to the weather forecast, it will snow again this weekend… 😦


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