I will dedicate this blog to our numerous mishaps that we had since living here. Tijs and I are both very clumsy and often make a fool out of ourselves because of it. Here are a few examples:

    • The first time we wanted to go to the local shop, we accidentally walked into the bar next door. The tables and drunk people outside didn’t ring any bells at first. So we walked in and said hello. Everyone in the bar was looking at us, the new people in town. We excused ourselves and went back outside, faces as red as a stop light. We’re not going in there again…
    • We still needed a lot of things for the garden and the house, and ordered some things online. Some of these were: a wireless electrical lawn mower that arrived without the battery (we were already wondering why it was so cheap), a computer without an OS, so we purchased a Windows 10 DVD. The Windows 10 DVD was actually not a DVD at all, but a serial key, when I installed Windows 10 on the computer, it was so slow that I almost threw it out of the windows. We needed a big lock for our attic, and they sent us the smallest lock you can imagine (again, we found out why it was so cheap). Some of these “failures” were because our Hungarian wasn’t good enough yet.
    • People on the street or in their backyards were so nice, they always said “szia” (hello) or “Sziasztok” when we walked by. We were saying “Sziasztok” to almost every person we saw (because we thought it sounded prettier than “szia”) for weeks or maybe even a month, until we found out that “sziasztok” is the word you use when you encounter more than one person.
    • In the Summer, I was running in the neighborhood until a lady started talking to me in Hungarian. I didn’t understand much of what she was saying, so I wanted to say elnézést (sorry), but instead I said szeretlek (I love you). She stopped talking and smiled at me. I was almost at our front gate when I realized my mistake and felt so ashamed I wished I would disappear.
    • We were learning some basic Hungarian sentences, like “thank you very much” and “you are welcome”. Tijs wanted to say “Köszönöm szépen!” (thank you very much), but instead said “Köszönöm szivesen!” (Thank you, you are welcome!) I laughed too hard at that… Sorry my love!

People know us by now, and use a lot of hand gestures when they talk to us. It is never boring! It is like participating in a “Guess the object!” game every day 🙂 Just a little more complicated… Hungarian really isn’t a simple language to learn. But we do our best and learn a bit every single day.
People usually understand what we are trying to say. They are very patient and friendly.
But when all else fails, there are still people around who can speak English or German!

Knowing ourselves, we are sure there will be many more bloopers to come, so stay tuned 🙂


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