Happy 2018!

We want to wish everyone a happy 2018! We hope it will be a great year for all of you 🙂


2017 has been a great year for us. Looking back I can’t believe all the things we accomplished in a year.

Just a year ago, we were still looking for a place to live. We were still living in the city, missing trees and nature and stillness. There are nice places in Belgium, but those are on vacation territory and you aren’t allowed to live there…

So we knew we wanted to leave Belgium but we didn’t know which country to live in yet. We wanted to have fruit trees, a big garden and a nice house.

In the beginning of 2017
We were looking for a house in Portugal, we saw some very nice houses, but they were all so expensive. But it seemed like a very nice country, with a lot of potential for self sufficiency.

May 2017
Not long after my birthday, my sweet parents in law sent us an email with some beautiful houses in Hungary! We didn’t know much about Hungary at that time, but we were open minded and started looking into it.
And, the more we found out, the more we loved it. The houses are very fairytale-like, there is so much untouched nature and the people are very kind and warm hearted.

June 27th 2017
We flew to Hungary, to look at some houses. It was the first time for Tijs to travel by plane! It all went well, he didn’t turn green or anything 😉 After only a two hour flight, we arrived in Budapest. We arrived there at 11pm, and we were very tired, so we just spent the night at the airport. Metal benches aren’t that comfortable, so we didn’t sleep much, but that’s okay, we were very nervous and excited about the following day anyway…
So the next day we stood face to face with our dream house. I whispered in Tijs’ ear “This is the house I want to grow old with you in!”. And he replied back “We’re home!”.
And, in case you were wondering, this is one of the houses Tijs’ parents sent us by email, the one we fell in love with from the very start.
If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be ❤

July and August 2017
We started packing our things, it became a full time job! We had a lot of help, luckily, from friends and family. We found out that we have a lot of stuff… 🙂 We sold some, gave some away and threw some out.

August 28th 2017
And then, only two months after visiting Hungary for the first time, we arrived at home! It felt so unreal. Looking at the beautiful mountains, our fruit trees, the garden and a house to call our own, we became very emotional.

September 2017
Tijs’ parents arrived the first week of September to help us adjust in our new place. They helped us a great deal!
Later that month, on the 18th, Tijs asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes ❤

Oktober 2017
We spent a lot of time outdoors in our garden to make it safe for our dogs, Milla and Kato. Kato is an escape artist so we had to make sure there was no way for him to break out of the garden. With all the squirrels, rabbits and dogs around here, he would be missing for days! They were so much happier now that they were allowed to explore the garden freely.

November 2017
We are now officially residents in Hungary! We needed to have an address card and registration card, otherwise we can’t start our own business here.

December 2017
We met some very nice people who are helping us with setting up our own business here in Hungary. We hope to have it up and running early 2018!

2018 can only be a great year for us! We will be getting married this year and run our business. Tijs is a composer, and he’s currently working on his first CD. He’s so talented and I am so lucky to hear his beautiful music every day. Check his site out here:
Tijs Ven

I am currently writing poetry and an autobiography. You can visit my site here:
Annelies Wetzelaer


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