A pleasant visit

Klik hier voor Nederlands!

Tijs’ parents have been here the past week. They arrived on Wednesday, on the 6th of September and they left yesterday, on the 13th.


We still needed a couple of things for the garden and a bench for our terrace. They rented a car for the week, they were so kind to drive us to various stores. We had a lot of fun and I think they also fell in love with Hungary.

We went to a bigger city, Kaposvàr, to get some tools for the garden and a garden bench, they helped us with rebuilding our closets that collapsed on us a couple of days before they got here, we went to another store to get bookshelves, and on the last day we went to a big supermarket to fill our fridge and freezer with a ton of food!


They also helped us with hanging laundry lines across the carport and some other things around the house. Tijs’ mother even cleaned and vacuumed our big carpets. They look and smell like new again 🙂

It was very generous of them to do all these things, they really helped us a great deal 🙂


On the last evening, we had a very nice walk on the hills. We collected some walnuts and grapes. Everything tastes so much better straight from the tree!




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