Kindhearted People

Klik hier voor Nederlands!

The previous owners are stopping by regularly. They are helping us with several things, like the water supply. They started working yesterday, opening up the side of the street for the new water pipes. It’s so hot and they’ve been working all day, so we have brought them some snacks and juice.

Tonight, it will be finished and we will be able to take a nice warm shower! They are very hard workers!! They already had a peek into the house and it seemed like they like our style. We put many butterflies everywhere, and they are very fond of butterflies as well 🙂

After the water was finished, they even helped us to hang up our ceiling lamp in the living room. It’s very beautiful. Tijs hung the kitchen lamp by himself, it really fits in there!

We’re doing a great job unpacking our boxes and every room is looking cozy already. Tijs made a home-made vegan pizza tonight. It’s so delicious!






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