Are we there yet…?

Klik hier voor Nederlands!

The day of our move to Hungary has finally arrived! The moving van has left with our stuff and we’re on our way to our dream destination. We are very nervous and excited. Leaving our family and friends behind was difficult, but it helps to know that we will see them again soon. And of course we will call, Skype and write e-mails.

Tijs’ parents will visit us for a week next week so for them it’s only a short goodbye. It’s very sweet of them to give us a helping hand. They will rent a car so when we still need some furniture or other stuff, they offer us an empty trunk.

We have to change trains quite often, every 2-3 hours or so, and then we can finally relax on the train from Austria to Budapest, which will take about 10 hours. We will try and sleep then. Milla is having some trouble peeing. She can only pee on grass and when she is relaxed. Kato has been sleeping the entire ride, which I wouldn’t have thought! He is such a zen-puppy. Hopefully Milla will overcome her anxiety soon and will get some rest too.

We can’t wait to arrive at our new home, I will make sure to upload many pictures when we’re there. In the meantime, enjoy our view from the train!








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