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We’re saying goodbye to friends and family this last week. I had a fun meeting with my friends, it’s always fun when I meet the three of them. They’re already making plans for visiting us next Spring, which I am really looking forward to!

Saying goodbye to my mother was very hard. She brought a lot of presents – a survival kit she called it – to bring with us on the train. She’s the best! I regret not seeing my sister and her lovely daughter before we left but we will Skype soon. I miss them a lot, already!

We’re packing up the last things and are hopeful everything will fit into the moving van. The garage is fuller than full! But if some things don’t fit, it’s no big deal.

The moving van will be here Monday morning at eight o’clock and our train leaves at five in the evening. We are very nervous, and excited about our new future and adventure!


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  1. Katelijne says:

    Thanks for the plcture! X


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