Happiness delayed?

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We finally received an update again from the agency in Hungary. But it’s not the very best of news: because of slow administration, our move might be delayed. We still don’t know an exact date yet, and it’s driving us a little nuts 🙂

We still need to arrange for so many things, like cancelling our subscriptions here in Belgium, we need train tickets, the moving van, … But we can’t do any of that without knowing the exact date of moving into our new house.

And in the meantime, our house here is crowded with boxes, crates and rearranged furniture. We are still sorting through our stuff, we really want to take as little as possible with us. It’s a little difficult because a lot of it belonged to our deceased grandparents and we want to keep their memories close.

I really miss Hungary, I often daydream about the mountains and the beautiful, endless rows of sunflowers. The scenery is truly breathtaking!



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