The Art of Stacking Boxes

Klik hier voor Nederlands!

The boxes are filling up pretty quickly, and the furniture and rooms are getting emptier every day. But still, a lot of work left to do. We are putting some things up for sale we no longer need, giving clothes and small things to charity and thrift stores, and throwing a lot away. We want a fresh start, without too much clutter taking up a lot of space.

My very sweet parents in law are helping us with taking the clutter out of the house and storing it in the garage for now. It’s Tijs’ grandparents house we are living in currently, and they still had some things in there that belonged to them. So hopefully in a week or two we will have more space to store our full boxes.

Communication with the estate agent in Hungary is slow, I guess that is just how things are over there. Not that we’re complaining, we prefer the slow life! It’s just that we want some clarity about some things, like the contract and the exact date on when we will receive our house keys. Then we could better plan things and make arrangements for the furniture van, etc.

Today we took our dogs, Milla and Kato to the vet. They needed up to date injections and a check up. Luckily they are both very healthy, with a minor exception that Milla neeeds to be put on a diet. She has gained some weight since the last checkup. She really loves her candies! So that will be tough.

Also, in Austria and some parts of Hungary, dogs need to wear a muzzle. I understand this is necessary for aggressive dogs, but ours are so sweet and would never bite another person or another dog without it being self defence. Just look at them 🙂


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