A love like this

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It has been a little over a year and a half since I met him, the love of my life. And people ask me sometimes, is it not too early to go to another country with a man you have only just met?

But this is not an ordinary relationship, because he is not an ordinary man. From the moment I met him, I have an everlasting, unconditional love for him. It’s as if we knew each other for all of our lives.

I didn’t know it when I met him, but we are twin flames. I wasn’t familiar with the term that day we fell in love, but I did know we were more than just soul mates. So I started doing research (I always want to dive deeper into subjects that interest me), and found out about twin flames. I am also very into numerology, and found out we share the same life path number, 34 (7).

And since that day, we still find out things about each other that are very similar, it is scary sometimes 🙂 I won’t go into detail about that now, maybe I will do so in a future post, if the interest is there.

So for us, it is only natural to follow our same life goals and live our dreams. We encourage each other to do so. And we have many synchronocities ever since we have this dream. Everything seems to be lining up for us, so we can pursue our dream. We see our number (347), and angel numbers (1111, 2222, etc) everywhere we go. In Hungary, it was insane how many signs and numbers we saw. Not just the clock, but prices, bus numbers, tickets etc. We have a bunch of pictures that show the proof 🙂

I am not sharing this to brag. I just want you to know that true love is out there for everyone. All you have to do is have an open heart, do what feels right to you, and you will attract love into your life. Never give up on love!


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