Garden Tour June

At last we have made another garden tour video! You sometimes can’t hear what I’m saying because it was quite windy! 🙂 Enjoy!

Bee Paradise (and Humans & Dogs as well)

To lure more bees and other helpful insects to our garden, Tijs made a beautiful 5-star bee hotel. It’s so beautiful! If I were a bee, I’d live there 🙂 Beautiful wildflowers nearby, fruit blossoms, the scenery is amazing and it even has a pool nearby! We started planting a vegetable garden this year. We…

Phew – it has been awhile!

Especially during these weird and very difficult times, we want to bring smiles to people’s faces and what better way is there than the great outdoors? Flowers, plants and trees sure are magical! We feel this each and every time we open our front door and are enveloped in the most luscious scents and colors.

Food forest

Tijs has been busy all week, transplanting some of our fruit trees that didn’t get enough sunlight. We planted them more in the center of the garden, where the sun will shine on them throughout most of the day. We are planning to plant many more fruit trees and berry shrubs on our hill, so…

Big update: Good and bad news

I know this update is long overdue! A lot has happened since March (I can’t believe it has been that long!) and some of it has been wonderful and magical, but we also have some very sad news.

It’s officially Spring!

It really is amazing, the first thing we do in the morning is a garden tour and check our flowers, plants and trees for new growth. We see a change every day, all the trees have fully woken up from their deep winter slumber now. Tijs got this wheel from his grandparents. It was part…

First flowers and fresh paint

We painted the old gate, long overdue but it looks like new now! Our lilies and irises are growing rapidly! Kato absolutely loves this little herb garden. He just lays flat on his little tummy, watching little critters like beetles and salamanders for hours. And some new growth up close!

A Place under the Sun

The weather has been wonderful lately! When the sun is shining, the temperatures are very high. I’ve been taking the opportunity to work outside. This is my little desk in the sun 🙂 Can you find the squirrel in this tree? Hint: Look at the center of the image! We started shaving Kato, but he…